Frequently Asked Questions

Here at A1 Articles, we receive a number of inquiries on a daily basis, relating to a wide range of issues regarding the site. Often we will find that many of these questions are similar, and so below we have noted the most frequently asked questions should you find yourself needing similar information. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us directly and we will help you where possible.

Please note: We can only advise on matters which are directly related to A1 Articles and the use of A1 Articles. Any questions which are related to products/services viewed via A1 Articles must be directed towards the company in question who provides said product. We are in no way connected to any of the companies who advertise themselves through the content displayed on A1 Articles.

How do I create an account with A1 Articles?

You can sign up to A1 Articles by following this link here.

Simply fill in the required fields and submit your details directly to A1 Articles. Once we receive your information, we will verify your account and you will be able to start submitting your content to the site.

Registering with A1 Articles is completely free and we respect your privacy, meaning your email address will not be passed onto a third party. Please be aware that the verification process can take a couple of hours meaning that you may experience problems logging in or successfully submitting articles until this process is complete.

I have created an account - How do I submit articles?

Once you have submitted your details it can take up to 2 hours for your account to be finalized but once it has, you are free to login to your account. In order for you to do this you need to visit our Author Area found here.

Once you have logged in you will notice a selection of options located down the left hand side. Simply click ‘Submit New Article’ and you are free to submit your article(s). Again, submitting articles is free for you to do regardless of the volume of articles you wish to submit.

I have just set up an account, why can’t I login?

When an account is created on A1 Articles, it can take a few hours for the account to be verified on our system. For this reason, we ask that our authors wait up to 2 hours before attempting to login or submit articles to the site. Articles submitted to the site before this time may unintentionally vanish from the authors account once verification is complete.

My password doubles-up when I login, what’s wrong?

Simply put, there is nothing wrong with your password. When you select ‘Submit’, your password will naturally double up. This is not an error, but is the site verifying your details. If you are experiencing issues logging in, you either do not yet have an account with A1 Articles, or will require waiting for your account to be verified; or may need to clear your browser cookies in order to login successfully.

How long does it take to get my article approved?

Here at A1 Articles, we receive around 5,000 articles a day, 7 days a week. Each article is individually reviewed by our team of editors in order to ensure that no inappropriate material is added onto the site. Due to the vast level of articles, we advise that it can take between 2-7 days for an article to be approved on to the site. At times this waiting time may be extended. During these periods, we kindly ask our authors to bear with us while we work through any backlog.

Can I edit my articles once I have submitted them?

In order to edit any article, the article in question firstly needs to be live within our database, meaning it must be approved beforehand. You cannot edit articles that are pending approval.

In order to edit a live article simply:

  1. Login to your account and select ‘My Articles’
  2. Select ‘more’ next to the ‘live articles’ option, then ‘Search Articles’ from the redirected page-there is no need to change the category, etc here.
  3. Find the required article and select 'edit' from the right of the title
  4. Make the necessary changes and select 'Update' from the bottom of the page

Once you have submitted your changes, they will be approved within 2 days. Please note: any changes made to links will take slightly longer to appear on the site.

I want to edit/delete a pending article. How do I do this?

When an article is submitted to A1 Articles, it is placed within a locked queue until it reaches our editors. For this reason, articles pending approval cannot be edited, nor can they be deleted until they are live within your account. Should you require removing an article, contact us directly.

Is A1 Articles free to use?

A1 Articles is completely free to use. We do not charge for any use of the site whether it be registering with the site or submitting articles to us. We will also not penalise in anyway, those authors who wish to submit large quantities of articles. However, please note, we also do not pay authors for any use of their content and instead, offer the chance to add back links to their own website for free.

Can I use the content on A1 Articles on my website?

One of the many benefits associated with A1 Articles is that users can make great use of the articles that appear within our database and best of all- you can do this all for free. However, you can only place articles from our database on your website if the author of the article has provided permission for their article to be re-published. Any article which appears with a ‘Republish this Article’ button near its title is free to use on external websites.

You can use as many articles as you wish within your website, and all articles that you take from our database are free for you to use. We only ask that re-published articles are not altered in anyway and all credit remains with the original author. All links must also remain intact back to A1 Articles and the author’s website which regrettably, means content can only be re-used in an electronic means i.e: on websites and blogs.

How do I create a Resource Box/Author’s Bio?

Simply login to your account and select ‘My Profile’. Here, you will notice a list of text boxes which allow you to edit your email address, display name and authors bio. Please note that when editing this, it can take a few days to appear live on the site as all profile edits must be approved by our editors before they will appear on the site. Any changes made to your profile, for example your display name will change on ALL live articles within your account. Alternatively, add a bio as a new paragraph underneath each article you submit which will allow you to customize each specific article.

What are your editorial guidelines?

Our full Editorial Guidelines can be found here.