Vintage oak wood flooring options

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Vintage is definitely in, these days. And this statement applies to everything, starting from fashion to interior designing or even cooking trends. Vintage has really got into our world transforming almost all spheres of our lives. As far as interior design is concerned, things like worn out and used club chairs or a butterfly can make a boring room a real fashion statement.

It's unimportant whether you've got a brick-walled loft, an old house or a flat in a modern building – what you need is a good idea and a plan – and you'll be able to enjoy a vintage interior look that will make an impression on the visitors. Just try to look at the photos of all the interior design magazines that often attract our attention – these rooms are frequently nothing more than a combination of simple white walls, extremely stylish vintage floor and some fancy vintage furniture or other vintage objects.

When trying to remake a room, or your entire flat, to make it look vintage, vintage oak floor is a real must have that will offer a perfect background for the rest of the items. You've got two options here. The first option is to devote some time waiting till something you want appears on the reclaimed wood flooring market and then pay a considerably high price. The second one is to search for a floor that looks reclaimed or distressed, which will look vintage, offer you all the benefits that go with a new floor and most of all be cost-effective.

Two new flooring options which have a vintage look include: hand distressed oak flooring and reclaimed look oak flooring.

Hand Distressed Oak wood Flooring
Hand distressed oak wood flooring is either solid or engineered oak flooring which has been artificially aged to make it look old and worn out. This flooring type requires an artistic approach. The best results can be attained by striking the wood randomly with metal or other tools – any tools which can make a surface look old, used and battered. That is a method to give a new floor a charming vintage look that is so popular.

Apart from hand distressed oak flooring, you can also chose oak flooring that has been distressed with the use of a machine. This process often consists in putting the boards in a huge device together with several sharp items which will hit it at random causing damage to the boards while the machine is turned on. Such a process can surely create a sought-after irregular convincing look. However, remember that a hand distressed oak floor will usually be more authentic.

Reclaimed Look Oak Flooring
If you're scouring the reclaimed flooring market for vintage oak flooring that is perfect for you, you can either find it at once or have to wait awhile. If you're lucky, the search can last several days, and you'll be able to move on with the project; however, if you’re unlucky it may take months or even years to find the floor of your dreams. That's the reason why most people who chose vintage floor prefer reclaimed look oak flooring. Proper treatment and adequate colours can make each floor board, including new oak floor board, look old and battered.

Reclaimed look oak floor boards which are convincing should have small traces of wear and tear, especially on the edges. The surface of such boards may have no scratches or grooves and may not resemble hand distressed oak flooring. However, the edges of a reclaimed look oak floor that have been subjected to a special treatment will add unique appeal and make new floor look as if it was used for long.

When making a choice of vintage oak wood flooring that is right for your needs and for your house, you have to consider humidity and temperature level fluctuations. Additionally, you also need to think whether the floor is to be installed over underfloor heating. And, once again, we need to point out the benefits of artificially ‘vintaged’ oak flooring – as it comes in solid and engineered versions, you can install it not only in rooms with special requirements, such as kitchens and bathrooms, but also over underfloor heating.

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