How to Leverage Hard Money Loans to Finance Foreclosures

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It is amazing to read about the number of foreclosed homes available, with the list getting longer each day. Why is this happening?
For whatever reason, the crisis of homes being foreclosed seems to bring on opportunities for a section of people who are looking to purchase a house – at a price they would not have been able to afford before this ‘foreclosure boom’ set in.
But hasty buying is not the answer. The subject of taking loans steps in. Whether it is loans for flipping homes or hard money loans, it is a serious step and serious thought needs to be put in before jumping into the foreclosure bonanza situation.
Approach an Estate Agent
Estate Agents are the people who move around and sniff out local properties – they also network with other estate agents so are totally familiar with the market. If you check out online listings though some properties are under contract, estate agents can help locating deals that work out.
Check Out Foreclosure-listing Services
There are companies that release comprehensive listings of properties being offered on foreclosure. By reading up on these listings if anything suits your requirements, you can even make an offer online and start the process. The listings also give estimates of the value of the property as compared to other such sales in the area. Once you decide which property or properties you would like to invest in, the next step is how and where to raise the loan money.

Hard Money Loans
One of the most popular and well used methods of taking loans is to borrow hard money. These loans are given out by private investors usually for a period of about 1 year repayable with monthly interest or interest/part principal. The balance is paid up in a lump sum at the end of the period.
What Property Types?
A Cleveland hard money mortgage service will lend out hard money for almost any property type. Whether it is multi residential, single residential, for industrial, commercial or land use. Some money lenders deal only in specific foreclosures not including land loans, due to their inexperience in this field.
How to Maximise Borrowing Requirements
Money lenders are concerned mostly with the equity amount the borrower invests in the property, which is used as the collateral. They are not that bothered about the borrower’s credit ratings. It mainly depends on the borrower having enough capital to pay the monthly loan interest on the hard money loan. Because of this if the capital is available you can buy as many properties as possible.

When Borrowing Hard Money is Useful
Taking a hard money loan is not appropriate for any type of property deal. If all the issues are in place like no foreclosure, income history, good credit etc. the better way for financing would be through a bank. Hard money loans come into the picture when financing through banks is not an option and the loan is required in a short period of time.
Borrowing of hard money is ideal for the following situations:
• If the buyer has credit problems
• When the investor has to act fast
• For flips and fixes

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